Domestic Violence - Some Interesting Facts

Domestic Violence is one of the most common misdemeanor charges were see in West Michigan. It is charged when a person touches or “creates an apprehension of batter” upon some in the same household or a dating/romantic relationship.
Typically a couple goes out drinking and come home a bit drunk. An argument then breaks out and one of the people (usually the woman) calls the cops to get the other person to “calm down” or to “get them to leave.” They don’t realize that once the police show and have probable cause to believe a domestic violence has occurred, that the police will most likely arrest some one at the scene and take that person to jail.
Don’t call the cops to calm some one down. Only call if you believe you are in real danger. The police are not marriage counselors.
And a domestic violence conviction can prevent a person from getting a job purchasing a firearm. It isn’t worth it just to prove a point.
In Michigan, a first offense domestic violence is a misdemeanor. Likewise, a second offense domestic violence is also a misdemeanor. A third a offense is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.
It is important to take these charges seriously and fight for the best result.