When The Stakes Are This High,
You Need A Real Defense

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Gets Results

Since 2007, Ryan Maesen Attorney at Law has been a strong advocate for the accused in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas of West Michigan. Ryan Maesen has successfully defended hundreds of clients against criminal charges such as OWI/DUI, assault, domestic violence, burglary, drug dealing, theft, criminal sexual conduct and more. Many of his cases have been heavily covered by local media.

Ryan has won acquittals, dismissals and lighter sentences in case after case for many of his satisfied clients. From 15-plus years as a criminal defense attorney, he knows how to build a strategy based on your specific facts and circumstances to give you the best chance of beating the charges or mitigating the consequences.

Leveraging Local Knowledge To Defend You

Don’t be fooled by attorneys from the other side of the state who think they can come in and act like they are in Detroit and get the same results here. West Michigan is unique, and you need a lawyer who knows the local system inside and out to obtain the most favorable outcome for you.

Ryan is a 1996 graduate of West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids, a 2001 graduate of Aquinas College (BSBA), a 2006 graduate of Michigan State University College of Law and a 2007 graduate of Grand Valley State’s Seidman School of Business (MBA).

He has practiced his whole career in Grand Rapids, defending clients in state and federal courts of Kent County, Allegan County, Ottawa County and beyond. Ryan knows how law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and (most importantly) jurors in this area of Michigan think. He is also familiar with the expert witnesses the prosecutor will call and how to cross-examine their testimony.

Ryan Maesen grew up in Grand Rapids and now lives on the northwest side with his wife and young family. Some of his successful cases have appeared in local newspapers and TV stations. Ryan has been consulted by local media as an authority on pending criminal matters. He has developed a reputation among his peers for being thorough, prepared and results-driven.

Hire A Lawyer Who Can Back Up The Talk

Anyone can claim on their website that they do great things. When you are interviewing lawyers to represent you, ask them about specific cases they have personally handled. Ask them about their trial experience. Ask them for examples of results in a case like yours.

From his long experience in criminal law, Ryan Maesen has almost certainly worked with someone in a very similar situation to the charges you are facing. He believes that conducting an in-depth investigation and analysis of the facts and defenses of every client’s case will consistently yield better outcomes. He knows that victory often comes to the one who works the hardest. Justice is never easy, and you do get what you pay for.

Start With A Free Initial Consultation

Ryan Maesen Attorney at Law handles felony, misdemeanor and juvenile matters in West Michigan and statewide. You can contact Maesen Law 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 616-818-0011 or reach out by email.