When The Stakes Are This High,
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Ryan Maesen Attorney At Law strives for client satisfaction! We have many happy clients who would love to share their stories with you. Take a look at our testimonials below. If you are ready to start your consultation, please call us today at 616-818-0011.

“I was charged with embezzlement from my former employer. I was high up in the company and had actually quit before the embezzlement took place. Ryan fought really really hard for me for a year and half to get the charges dropped. A conviction would have ruined my career. In the courtroom, he able to be nice when he had to be and feisty when it was called for. I was very impressed with that. I have seen lawyers wilt under tough questioning from a judge, but he was always very prepared and poised.”
— Mike D.

“Ryan got me out an awful situation when I dragged into a lawsuit that had nothing to with me. It was humiliating but he got the case against me dismissed. I never had to any of the other parties a dime. Over the years, I have sent several people to Ryan and they have all been very pleased with his scrappiness balanced with compassion.”
— John S.

“I was accused of molesting my stepdaughter, which I did not do. My wife’s ex husband put her up to it. She never said anything. CPS closed the case but months I was arrested anyway. Ryan got them to dismiss the case at the preliminary exam without even running it. He was great at playing for time to get things lined up in our favor. I truly owe him my life. There is no coming back from being a convicted child molester.”
— Adam D.

“After trying to get my driver’s license 3 times and being rejected, he got it for me the first time out. He was able to prepare me for the questions the hearing office would ask, so I was prepared to be successful.”
— Georgia B.

“I picked up a cheap misdemeanor recently which wasn’t too bad but I was on felony probation and was afraid of being sent to prison for violating the felony probation. A friend wanted me to hire a firm in downtown Grand Rapids, one that must spent a fortune advertising and bragging about how they are all former feds. I wasn’t having that. I am not paying for a lawyer’s advertising, fancy office, or ego. I had used Ryan before and he told me I was going home from jail that day, and I did. He did a great job again. I was able to avoid prison and move on with my life. Highly recommend if you want real results, not marketing hype.”
— Nathan C.

“Ryan was AMAZING!! He was aggressive and that is what I liked about him. He saved me from jail and saved my reputation being a nurse and all. I liked how he was so responsive to me and answered all my questions. He made me feel so much better and handled everything for me it was a big stress relief for me!! He is laid back and does not reserve judgment towards you at all. Thank you Ryan for your time and your patience!”
— Tara A.

“Was facing a 25 to life CSC case. We tried it and we won. He has great trial skills and did a knockout job cross-examining my accuser. She looks dishonest, wouldn’t stop trying and had to be removed from the courtroom multiple times to collect myself; but he showed no mercy. Not guilty!!!”
— Richard

“I’ve worked with Ryan on two separate occasions and gotten great advice from him several times. I went through a particularly ugly divorce from an ex-spouse that ruthlessly wanted to take everything she could from me. Ryan knew the law and kept her and her attorney in check at every turn. We were able to settle with a much better solution than I expected. Ryan also took care of a land issue that my family had been fighting with a Northern Michigan county over for several years. Ryan got the county to fix the problem and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Ryan also offered invaluable consultation that has saved me a fortune that a contractor was trying to scam me out of. Ryan is straight forward and knows his stuff. I would recommend Ryan to anyone who wants the best possible outcome that they can have.”
— Paul

“Ryan is a knowledgeable, professional general law practice attorney. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney, particularly for real estate matters and criminal defense. You will receive excellent representation.”
— Sharon

“Ryan was an extremely personable and professional lawyer. He helped to walk me through the legal process and explain everything very thoroughly. I never felt in any way intimidated and he really took the time to find the best outcome for me. Ryan is very invested and good at what he does.”
— Melanie

“Ryan has very reasonable costs, and worked quickly. The outcome was better than I expected. I would highly recommend him to help you with your case.”
— Rodney

“I was looking at a felony and at least four misdemeanors and didn’t know what I was gonna do. The anxiety was excruciating but Ryan assured me that I wasn’t alone during that stressful time and I believed him-which for me is a rarity-I felt informed and that he was sincerely invested in my case. I highly recommend Ryan for all your defense needs. I hope I never use him again but if I find myself in need of an attorney you can bet Ryan is who I’ll be calling. Thumbs high Ryan!!!”
— Jaye

I was living in Indiana at the time, and I got in some legal trouble just over the state line in a small town called New Buffalo, Michigan. Not only was I new to Michigan, but I had just recently moved to the midwest and didn’t know anyone besides my immediate family. I needed a criminal attorney and I needed one fast. I only had two weeks until my first court appearance when I started my search. Mr. Maesen’s name was one of several that came up on my search and I promptly called. I left messages with 5 attorneys, and Mr. Maesen was the first to call me back almost immediately after I had left a message. He informed me that he was located about 2-3 hr drive away from the courthouse I was scheduled to appear in. Mr. Maesen also informed me that he had a previous scheduled court date the same date as mine. With his great interpersonal skills and confidence in my case, I without hesitation; still chose Mr. Maesen to represent me. He informed me he would be sending a colleague of his to come and represent me on my first court appearance and more then reassured me everything would be okay and I would be safe. Being Jaded that I was and also feeling very mistreated by the justice system in Michigan, his colleague showed up and helped comfort me and we received another court date scheduled for two weeks later.

“Mr. Maesen was always available by phone or text anytime I needed to discuss my case before our next scheduled date. The prosecutor offered me a misdemeanor and Mr. Maesen and I firmly believed I didn’t commit a crime and refused to accept any offer they had. After refusal of the misdemeanor the prosecutor informed us they were charging me w a felony and Mr. Maesen and I decided if they were moving forward and would charge me with a felony. This would mean Mr. Maesen and I would have to go to trial to fight this charge. I had never been convicted of anything in my entire life and I was pretty scared in all honesty. All along Mr. Maesen was confident and very reassuring to me during this stressful time of my life. 4-5 days after we refused to accept the misdemeanor charges, Mr. Maesen called and informed me that ALL CHARGES were dropped. I had done my research and found out that Mr. Maesen was a great trial attorney w a very high success rate. In all honesty I was nervous to go to a trial for my first time, but all of these nerves quickly came to rest when my attorney got ALL CHARGES dropped. I would recommend Ryan Maesen to anyone in the entire state of Michigan who needs a great attorney. He went above and beyond and I couldnt have asked for a better result from a better attorney.”
— Kelly

“Ryan Maesen represented me in some matters before the 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had been frustrated with the way I was being treated and after hiring Mr. Maesen things changed dramatically. Eventually the City was forced to dismiss the case against me. Ryan was very professional and fought hard for me. Unfortunately we were not able to get to the truth as they (the City of Grand Rapids) ducked out after they knew I had retained Ryan Maesen to represent me, but thankfully the hassles went away quickly. Ryan Maesen is a well respected attorney and experienced in criminal law. I understand he also has an MBA, which may be useful in resolving business matters, but I did not retain his services for such matters at this time.”
— John

“I have been a client of Mr. Maesen now for a few months. I began using him for a land contract issue and then I had some family law issues. Mr. Maesen has been patient and kind in my failure to keep good records. I’m impressed by his knowledge in more then one area of the law. He was able to come into the family law case way after the divorce and help wrap things up for my family. I cant say enough good about him just as a person. Mr. Maesen has been honest to me whether I appreciated it or not. He has always included me in every decision that has been made.”
— Amber