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Sex Crime Allegations Require A Skilled And Strategic Defense

Few crimes carry such a stigma and such harsh punishment as sex offenses. The mere accusation can taint a person’s public reputation, and a conviction brings prison and lifelong consequences.

Whether you need an attorney who will manage your case quickly and quietly with the utmost discretion or an aggressive defense against major felony charges, you can turn to Ryan Maesen Attorney at Law.

I have a well-earned reputation in West Michigan for handling criminal sexual conduct, child porn, consensual acts between minors and other sexual offenses, including high-profile cases prominently covered in the local media. Through hard-fought advocacy, I have obtained jury acquittals, dismissals and charges not brought in these high-stakes situations.

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Experienced Sex Offense Attorney In Grand Rapids

In more than 15 years as a criminal defense lawyer, I have handled the full spectrum of criminal sexual conduct charges (CSC) and other sex offenses enumerated by Michigan statute, including:

  • Rape and attempted rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Date rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Child molestation
  • Soliciting a minor for immoral purposes
  • Child pornography and internet sex crimes
  • Prostitution and solicitation
  • Sexting involving minors
  • Indecent exposure and aggravated indecent exposure
  • Lewd conduct or gross indecency (sex acts in public)

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Michigan, don’t let the fear of the unknown consume you or the fear of public scorn paralyze you into doing nothing. There are steps we can take to protect your rights and confront the allegations.

While every case is unique, I have obtained favorable outcomes for many clients in situations similar to yours, including dismissal of charges, reduction of charges and successful verdicts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Offenses

Below are concise answers to some frequently asked questions about sex offenses:

What restrictions do registered sex offenders face?

Registered sex offenders in Michigan face numerous restrictions aimed at enhancing public safety. These can include:

  • Prohibitions against living within a certain distance of schools, parks or other places where children congregate
  • Limitations on employment opportunities, especially if they involve regular contact with minors

Additionally, registered sex offenders must regularly update their information in the sex offender registry, including changes in address, employment and vehicle details.

What defenses can one use against a sex crime charge?

Defending against a sex crime charge requires a thorough understanding of the case specifics and legal strategy. Common defenses include:

  • False accusations: Demonstrating that the alleged victim has falsely accused the defendant
  • Consent: Arguing that the alleged sexual activity was consensual, provided both parties were of legal age and had the mental capacity to consent
  • Mistaken identity: Showing that the defendant was wrongly identified as the perpetrator
  • Insufficient evidence: Challenging the prosecution’s evidence as inadequate to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Alibi: Providing evidence that the defendant was elsewhere when the alleged crime occurred.

Each case is unique, and the appropriate defense depends on the specific circumstances and evidence involved.

What are the levels of sex offenders in Michigan?

Michigan categorizes sex offenders into three tiers based on the severity of their offense and perceived risk to the public:

  • Tier I: The least severe offenses require a registry for 15 years
  • Tier II: Moderate offenses require a registry for 25 years
  • Tier III: The most severe offenses, often involving minors or violent acts, require lifetime registration

These tiers determine the duration and frequency of the offender’s registration requirements and restrictions.

What is the age of consent in Michigan?

In Michigan, the age of consent is 16 years old. So, individuals 16 or older can legally engage in consensual sexual activity.

However, there are exceptions; for instance, if the older individual holds a position of authority over the younger person (such as a teacher or coach), the age of consent may be higher.

‘Will I Have To Register As A Sex Offender?’

In addition to the specter of jail or prison, people accused of sex crimes are terrified of being labeled as a sex offender. A conviction for most criminal sexual conduct offenses and many other sex crimes will require sex offender registration. There are three levels of sex offender status, based on the nature of the crime. Tier 1 requires registration for 15 years, Tier 2 for 25 years and Tier 3 for a lifetime.

Once your sex offender level is determined, it is very difficult to get downgraded or removed from the list. Your best hope is to avoid a conviction or to get charges reduced to a lesser offense that requires Tier 1 or no registration. That is where an experienced sex crime defense attorney can make a real difference. You need to hire the best representation you can.

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