When The Stakes Are This High,
You Need A Real Defense

Proven And Passionate Criminal Defense Lawyer In Grand Rapids

Facing a criminal charge is a serious life challenge that can be intimidating and terrifying. In many cases, you have everything to lose, from your reputation to your job, your social connections, your financial resources and your freedom.

You really have no choice but to fight back with everything you can muster to protect your rights and preserve your freedom and future. The best way to do that is with a Grand Rapids lawyer experienced in criminal law in your local area.

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Experience With The Full Spectrum Of Criminal Charges

I bring to your case 15-plus years of experience in the local criminal justice system, from misdemeanors to major felonies:

Protecting The Rights, Interests And Freedom Of The Accused

Maesen Law concentrates on criminal defense out of a sense of care and compassion for the individuals and families facing such a critical and potentially life-changing matter. As your attorney, I know that the legal representation I provide can mean the difference between a conviction and incarceration. That is why I go the extra mile in looking at every detail, personally speaking with witnesses, going through police records, examining crime scenes and bringing in experts who can challenge the prosecution. I take all measures to prepare a comprehensive strategy on your behalf.

The decision to hire a criminal defense lawyer may be one of the most difficult but important choices you will ever face. My staff and I are dedicated to giving you our full attention and best effort. We are passionate about what we do and passionate about protecting your constitutional rights. As a seasoned trial lawyer, I am known for the care I put into every case and the aggressive stance taken in fighting for clients from beginning to end.

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Whether you are facing misdemeanor charges or a serious felony, learn more about how Ryan Maesen Attorney at Law can help you at this critical time. I practice in the criminal courts of Kent County, Allegan County and Ottawa County.

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