When The Stakes Are This High,
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attorney Ryan A. Maesen

Ryan A. Maesen

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Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense


I concentrate my practice in criminal defense and related matters. I have achieved numerous trial victories throughout Michigan. I've tried nearly 90 cases and won a good number of them. I have also had about 15 cases dismissed right before trial because the prosecutor knew they wouldn't win.

I take a "long view" approach. Many cases should not be pled out right away. Often, time is our ally because new evidence may appear, witnesses may change their story, the victim has "cooled off" or any number of things that can play out in our favor. It can pay off big-time to take our time and aim for the best outcome in the end. Also, when a case is new, everyone involved is often thinking emotionally, which does not lead to good decisions.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, I worked in banking, insurance and the securities industry. I also have my bachelor's degree in Business Administration and an MBA. This background gives me an edge with white collar crimes like embezzlement because I am able to decipher financial records and, more importantly, I know what information should be there if my client is actually guilty. I have had clients who were in fact guilty have the charges dropped nonetheless because the prosecutor couldn't produce the financial records when I pressed for them.

I also handle a lot of sex offenses. I have had some great dismissals, not-guilty verdicts and remarkable plea deals because I have been willing to try these cases and the other side knows that I have done so successfully. Many attorneys will take on sex crime cases because they can charge a lot of money and are hoping for a quick plea deal. Do not deal with such an attorney. The consequences of a sex offense conviction are far-reaching. Hire someone who has been there and is willing to work the case and fight for you.


  • Michigan State University College of Law, East Lansing, Michigan
    • J.D. - 2006
  • Aquinas College
    • BSBA - 2001
  • Grand Valley State’s Seidman School of Business
    • M.B.A. - 2007

Bar Admissions

  • Michigan, 2006