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What to do if i am Arrested?

by | May 22, 2016 | Legal Insights

There is no one right way to respond when arrested, but there are certain things that will assist your defense at a later time.

1. Don’t make any statements to the police. You don’t need to admit anything. Despite what the police say, talking is not going to help you. Why help them make their case.

2. Do not discuss your case with anyone other than an attorney. You don’t need friends called as witnesses against you. This includes not posting things on Facebook and places like that. If there is anything incriminating on there, take it off right away.

3. Don’t plead guilty at your arraignment. You can always plead guilty later. At that point, you don’t ever know how strong the case against you is. Even if you are in fact guilty, that doesn’t mean there is enough admissible evidence to convict you.

4. As hard as it is, face your case aggressively and as quickly as possible. Procrastinating is not going to help you.

5. Understand you have constitutional rights designed to make sure you are not wrongly convicted. While these rules are perfect nor always followed properly, the State is responsible for proving your guilt, you are not responsible for trying to clear your name.