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A warning to Young Men and Their Parents

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Legal Insights

A Disturbing new trend for Young men and their Parents

Over the past year or so, I have noticed that I am getting more and more calls (and clients) who are young men between the ages of 17-20 charged with rape, the specific charge being Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree, with a girl between the ages of 14-15. Some of the factual scenarios I have seen include:

  • The guy wakes the girl up to have sex. They have sex, go back to sleep, then weeks or months later, she claims she was asleep.
  • Two people are dating or hookup, the girl is 14, he is 17 or 18. They break up, the parents somehow find out and then the girl claims she was raped.
  • A really odd one involves multiple young men who, at different times, gave rides to 15 year old girls that were seeking rides on snapchat. It is alleged that the guys assaulted while giving them a ride. At the other times, the girls admit that they performed “favors” because they couldn’t pay cash for the ride.

What is troubling to me is that, in most of these cases, we have a girl who is underage, nonetheless consenting to sexual activity and then, after the fact, the police somehow get involved and the poor guy (who is kid as well) is charged with a crime that can lend him in prison and on the sex offender registry for life.

It is not secret that teenagers have brains that are underdeveloped and simply don’t function like adult brains. And then the sex drive is turned on, the brain seems to turn off. We are asking many young men to think with the cool head of an adult when their horny and we not holding these young girls accountable at all. I have one recent case where a girl had bragged on Facebook about how she wants to sleep with 20 guys by the time she was 16 and that she was almost there!Where are her parents?!

I think it would be wise for the law to change on these cases. I would propose that the age of consent be lowered to 14 IF the other party is 19 or under. And it’s not rape unless it truly was nonconsensual. REGRET IS NOT RAPE. It can only be nonconsensual at the time. Obviously, a forced act is still rape. I just don’t like how two people who are both very young choose to engage in sexual activity and only one needs to live with the consequences.

To summarize by thought:

Lower the age of consent to 14 if the other person is 19 or under. Lack of consent is still a rape.

In the meantime, anyone with teenage boys needs to make sure they are very aware of the age of any girl they are having sex with. Additionally, I would advise the following:

  • Don’t have sex if either of you have been drinking. What used to be a walk of shame is now a possible ticket to jail.
  • Don’t have sex with some one you really don’t know. You have no idea if this person has accused some one else in the past. Don’t be next.
  • Know the person’s age for a FACT. If you are not sure, keep your pants on.
  • Don’t date a girl who has mental problems. Many accusers have serious mental health issues and a loose grip on reality.
  • And when in doubt, keep your pants on. There will be other opportunities. Trust me.

I hope this can help keep good kids out of trouble.

Also, there are many lawyers who plagiarize other criminal lawyers’ blogs. They cut and past from other attorneys websites and take credit for their work because they are too dumb or lazy to have anything meaningful to say themselves. If you see anything that looks like what I wrote, please let me know and I will make sure that lawyer’ site gets taking down.