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What Should I Do if There is a Warrant for My Arrest in Michigan?

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Legal Insights

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At Maesen Law, PLC, our founder and lead criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids, Ryan Maesen, understands the anxiety of having a warrant issued for your arrest in Michigan.

Arrest warrants are generally issued by courts in connection with criminal cases when a person is accused of a crime, which allows the Michigan police to actively look for the person named therein.

Michigan arrest warrants never expire and will follow the individual nearly anywhere they go. They will appear during a routine traffic stop, during a background check, or even during a public search, so there is little the person named in an arrest warrant can do to avoid its ramifications and, eventually, detainment.

Our Kent County criminal defense lawyer understands the value of freedom, and the reality is, without a trusted legal advocate by your side, you are risking everything. Justice is not an entitlement or a guarantee. It must be fought for, and when the stakes could not be higher, we produce real results for real people like you who need our help.

Contact our skilled criminal defense attorney today for help.

Do I Need An Attorney Before Voluntarily Turning Myself Over to the Police for an Arrest Warrant in Michigan?

The best way to proactively face your arrest warrant and avoid a potentially dangerous confrontation with the police while ensuring your rights are protected from the beginning is to retain representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids before turning yourself in.

This approach will allow you to avoid a public arrest at home or work, and submit yourself to the police voluntarily.

From this moment, our skilled Michigan defense attorney will:

  • Advise you to remain silent, or only answer questions with our approval.
  • Request proof of probable cause or an outline of the evidence law enforcement has to arrest and charge you.
  • Attend the arraignment for a formal reading of the charges the prosecutor’s office is pursuing against you, and to obtain a personal bond or a reasonable cash bond, so you can be released as quickly as possible.

Michigan law states that a person is entitled to bond.

However, when determining the amount, the court will consider the following factors before issuing a figure for your release:

  • The individual’s criminal history.
  • The protection of the public.
  • The likelihood you will appear in court given the seriousness of the offense charged.
  • Any history of failures to appear for court dates.

Depending on the type of criminal charges, the court can issue further restrictions that may include house arrest or GPS tethering to ensure your whereabouts are accounted for while the case unfolds.

The presence of an attorney at an arraignment and bond hearing is critical and shows the prosecutor and court that you voluntarily turned yourself in, know your rights going forward, and will be held accountable by your defense attorney for the duration of your criminal case.

Can I Search to See If There is a Warrant for My Arrest in Michigan?

Some, but not all, Michigan criminal courts list active warrants on their websites.

If you plan to conduct an internet search for an active warrant, use only official government websites, and not those that will charge you to produce the information. They can be inaccurate, or simply a scam.

The safest and most efficient method to find out if you have a Michigan warrant for your arrest is to partner with a dedicated Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer who has the resources you need to understand whether you have a warrant for your arrest, and how the charges behind the warrant will impact your immediate and future freedom.

Contact our skilled Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney today to learn more about your legal rights and options to pursue the best outcome for your case. We are available by phone 24 hours a day by calling 616-821-7691 or allowing us to review your case via email to ensure each aspect is reviewed with the discretion and attention to detail you deserve.