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In Michigan, retail fraud is the official term for theft through shoplifting. Any type of theft, no matter how small, is a charge you should take seriously. These are considered crimes of “moral turpitude,” which is another phrase for dishonesty.

A conviction of a theft crime will become part of your criminal record which can have repercussions long into the future. Such a conviction can prevent you from getting a job, procuring loans, renting an apartment, and even affect your ability to get accepted into colleges and universities.

Even if you were wrongfully accused or avoid jail time entirely, this mark on your criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life.

At Ryan Maesen, PLC, we have a strong track record of achieving positive results for those accused of theft and other crimes in the counties of Kent, Allegan, and Ottawa. We understand what may be at stake for you when accused of such offenses and the important role we can play in protecting your rights and fighting for your freedom and future.

You should never face criminal charges alone or with inexperienced or less than fully-focused representation. Putting our 15 years of criminal defense experience and committed effort on your side can increase your chances of legal success.

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